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  • Ibukun Omojola

    Ibukun Omojola

  • Similoluwa Okunowo

    Similoluwa Okunowo

    Electronic and Electrical Engineering Undergrad. Learning and building stuff with Python,JS, ML/DS/AI, Web technologies. Interested in AI, IoT, and Automation.

  • Oluwagbenga Asalu

    Oluwagbenga Asalu

    | Dentist-in-training | Creative Content Writer | I write to express myself and inspire you!

  • Oluwafemi Abiona

    Oluwafemi Abiona

    Mathematics Graduate || Data Science and Machine Learning Enthusiast

  • Awotide Isaiah (McZenith)

    Awotide Isaiah (McZenith)

    I am a passionate financial technology prodigy with special interests in Software engineering, and a strong background in Economics, Finance and Econometrics.

  • pheeraphath waravathano

    pheeraphath waravathano

  • Enoch Lamikanra

    Enoch Lamikanra

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