Figma is more of a UI/UX design tool than a visual designing or illustrating tool like Adobe Illustrator.

This post is about me exploring to create User Interfaces,

So, I will take you through the process of how I came up with the above image using figma.

Step 1 Create the frame

To start with, I added a frame 1440 X 900

Then I added columns grid of 12 columns, a margin of 160, gutter of 20.


Machine learning is a sub-field of artificial intelligence (AI) that gives systems the ability, without being specifically programmed, to automatically learn and develop from experience.

In order to explore possible underlying patterns concealed in our data, we need to have some observations or data (also known as samples or examples) available for the learning process (model fitting). These learned patterns are nothing more than some function or decision.

Supervised Machine Learning

You only need labeled examples for supervised machine learning tasks, where you must specify the ground truth for your AI model during training. …

How to use Matplotlib And Seaborn to create graphs

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Data Visualization

Data visualization is the discipline of trying to interpret data by putting it in a visual sense so that patterns, trends and associations that may not otherwise be identified can be revealed.

Python presents a variety of great visualization libraries that come packed with lots of great features. No matter if you want to create an interactive, live or highly customizable plot, Python has a vast library for you.

In this article, we will learn how to use Matplotlib and Seaborn to create simple plots, as well as how to use…

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Data Science is arguably the most wanted career in this century, In today’s high-tech world, everyone has pressing questions that must be answered by “big data”. It is also a very wide field, which makes learning data science overwhelming, With so many questions to be asked.

That is why I wrote this guide. The idea was to create a simple guide which can help start a path to learn data science.

1.) What/Who is a Data Scientist?

The first step is knowing who is a data scientist.

Data science is a complex and often confusing field, and it involves Several Skills that make defining the profession…


A Jupyter notebook is an application that can run Python code, display plots, show equations and contain formatted text. Jupyter notebook is a great tool for problem solvers to write, run, document and share Python code with others.

Why Jupyter Notebooks?

There are many editors and IDE’s (Integrated Development Environments) which can be used to edit and run Python code. Why should python users learn to use Jupyter notebooks?

Below is a table of simple text editors and IDE’s which can edit and run Python code:

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Data Scientist | Python Developer|Technical Writer

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